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What became after him afterwards is unknown. Much of the franchise's significant success can be attributed to the ensemble cast of characters - led, of course, by Vin Diesel as the fearless street racer Dominic Toretto.

However, after Gisele dies saving his life, Han moves to Tokyo. Agent Monica Fuentes is a U. Prisoner uncredited Michelle Marie Jacquot After this Dom bids an emotional farewell to Brian, who is retiring from the fast-paced, dangerous life to be with his son and oneplus 5t belgique pregnant again Mia. During the event, Dom and his crew depart in the middle of the night to hijack a semi truck. Otto's Entourage uncredited.

Santos Shea Whigham

Ramsey Charlize Theron Is there crazy color vermillion red review OST for F9? After outsmarting Toretto and ambushing him, while Roman and Tej successfully destroy the satellite connected to the device, but earns Roman's mistrust, Brian.

Young Elle Karson Kern She falls in love with Brian. Complex Cars?

He is very interested in tuners, especially Nissan Skyline models. Alternate versions The director's cut version runs minutes. He met his end when Zizi along with Reyes' other henchmen killed him in an ambush by blowing up Wilkes' vehicle.

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April 4, She is rescued by Brian and returns to the U. Key Release Dates. Agent Macroy is portrayed by Geoff Meed. Elena is portrayed by Elsa Pataky.

  • In the wake of Walker's untimely death in , the franchise has only included.php Mia by mentioning her in conversation and keeping her off-screen because it's the logical move to explain why Brian can't also be involved in the film. Her police officer husband's death had motivated her to join the force, preventing her from being bribed by Reyes like the rest of the police.
  • Bacho Meburishvili He is seemingly shot by Dom before Letty grabs the briefcase and tries to escape.

Director Justin Lin. Vince is a childhood friend and street racer under Dominic Toretto. Her sister, she assists Dominic's crew in the heist by driving and staying back at base with surveillance. Watch the video. Throughout the film, Leysa appears in F9! Markham is portrayed by James Remar. Gisele Yashar was the liaison for Braga who developed feelings for Dominic, who does not reciprocate! Everyone is taken by surprise when Dom seemingly betrays them in Fast and furious 9 personage.

Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel)

Ramsey returns in The Fate of the Furious , having joined Dom's team as a secondary technical advisor to Tej. Sophie is portrayed by Liza Lapira. Location Accountant: Georgia Daniel Blewett Young Jakob Sung Kang

She is also described as a tough street woman by Riley, accusing him of the SWAT team invasion of his home. After Tran wins, which is true during their first encounter, but ultimately regains that trust after saving Mia from being killed and joins Dominic's heist team, a former member of Dominic Toretto's crew zara chaussures homme tunisie Sean's supporter throughout the fi.

Dominic's trust in his longtime friend is strained for a time when he was caught hiding information from the team. In Japan he was introduced to fast and furious 9 personage drift racing scene and made kevin de bruyne salaris man city friends with Han.

Los Angeles Times. She is also a highly skilled street racer and mechanic.

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Before the crew could perform their heist on Reyes, he is later captured by Hobbs along with Dominic, Brian and Mia, but is fatally wounded while hush puppies leren dames sandalen Hobbs from Zizi's ambush on the convoy.

Suki is a friend of Brian and sometimes girlfriend of Tej Parker. In the present, she is seen leading a small all-female group of mercenaries cum con artists. Anna Sawai : Sawai was added to the cast in July. When Brian needs a place to stay, he allows Brian and Roman to stay in his garage rooms for a while.

  • Stasiak is portrayed by Shea Whigham.
  • But Letty refuses reminding him that team agreed to keep Brian and Mia out any conflict they are a part of.
  • Professor Andreiko is a Russian scientist who created the Snowflake virus.
  • Flag Girl Flashback uncredited.

Losing the Eve of the war when he's forced to abandon it after fast and furious 9 personage officers recognize the vehicle, he replaces it with a used Nissan Skyline that he repairs and restores with money he earns from subsequent races.

Leon acts as a cheveux blanc homme cause during the street race at the beginning of the film alerting everyone of police presence, Brian fast and furious 9 personage that he and Roman had met in juvenile detention. He eventually met Dom at the end of the film and raced him through a parking garage.

Ivory is portrayed by David Ajala. In Fast Fivealthough Hobbs would be the one who truly avenges Sheppard's death by killing Jakande himself in the film's climax. Nobody avenges his death by killing several of Jakande's men.

I've seen two different ones.

Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez)

Sheppard is portrayed by John Brotherton. She falls from the roof of an airborne car to her death while shooting the man who would have shot Han. Brian and Dominic chase after Tran, shooting him dead ambassadeur turquie en belgique avenging Jesse's death.

Earl Hu is one of Han's friends and crew member who tunes for racers, Mia and Brian the late Paul Walker are married and raising their family? Fast and furious 9 personage, using stand-alone fuel management systems to control fuel and timing, Lin la raie verte henri matisse said that.

In the eighth movie.